Frequently Asked Questions

When do I receive confirmation of my ticket purchase?

We will send you a confirmation email containing your receipt a few seconds after you make a purchase.
A subsequent email will follow which will contain your ticket number.

How do the draws take place?

All our draws are streamed live on YouTube and Facebook.
The winner of each draw will also be announced on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages, and the winner will be notified via email.

When do the draws take place?

Each draw will take place either the day after the closing date for the Raffle, or the day after all tickets for the Raffle are sold.
In both cases, we will always send you a reminder email (containing the live stream link) both one day and one hour before the draw is set to take place.

What forms of payment do you support?

We use Stripe as our online payment provider and accept all major credit & debit cards and Apple Pay.
Please note that the Apple Pay option is only available if you are using Mobile Safari directly and is not available if you access our payment page inside Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Can I buy more than one ticket for one of your raffles?

Yes! You can purchase as many tickets as you like for each of our raffles.

What happens when not all tickets are sold before the closing date?

If this happens, we will continue with the draw, and the winner will win a cash price equalling 75% of the ticket sales up to that point.
We also may extend the closing date by a maximum of 30 days if all tickets are not sold before the initial closing date. We will notify you of this change by email if it occurs.